Restless Heart
**Semi-finalist in the 2017 ACFW Genesis contest in the Romance genre**
**First Place winner of the 2016 "Ignite the Flame" contest in the Inspirational genre**

A dying man. A divided will. Now Luke Sánchez's livelihood and most cherished memory is Addison Cole's history of loss and pain.  Can they settle on a compromise when the editor's hot temper unnerves the otherwise laid-back rancher?


When Addison Cole learns the harsh grandfather who raised her is dying, she must leave city life and return to her small Texas hometown. Bitter and guarded, she shuts out every person who wants to help, including Luke Sánchez, Pop’s foreman and business manager. But Luke won't leave her alone—not when his future hinges on Addison’s decision about her grandfather's estate.


Luke and Addison must work together to sell Pop’s house, but Addison’s hot temper unnerves the otherwise laid-back Luke Sánchez. Unwilling to relent, Addison’s stubbornness pushes everyone who knows her into separate corners, except her interceding, no-nonsense neighbor who delivers life and truth to Addison as only her Mimi once could.


Addison’s heart softens when, while cleaning out her grandparent’s attic, she finds Mimi’s journals—hundreds of pages, filled with prayers for her and Pop. Opening her heart to Luke and to those hometown friends who have always loved her, Addison’s empty life finds meaning again. But when Pop’s house sells before Addison is ready to let go, Luke shows that he’s been hiding some cards of his own. Despite her relentless, restless will, Addison faces an important choice: continue in her bitterness and anger or choose forgiveness and freedom.

Harvesting Love

**Winner in the 2018 ACFW Genesis contest in the Short Novel category**

**Finalist in the 2017 ACFW First Impressions contest in the Short Novel category**

 A persnickety landlord. An eccentric city girl. Their unlikely match surprises them both—but Emmerson Lane's past won’t let go, and her future with Blake Prescott is uncertain.  The former soldier loves pulling a prank, but will Blake’s teasing catch Emmerson’s attention or has the cotton farmer pushed his new tenant too far?


When Emmerson Lane settled for teaching in rural West Texas, she left behind her tattered heart and an eight-year dream to break into Austin’s Indie film industry as a screen writer. Now her red curls and same-colored Volvo stand out in this farm country—a characteristic her handsome new landlord won’t drop. Despite her best attempts to fit in, Emmerson finds herself drawn back to the city lights and her shiny ex-boyfriend. But when the prankster farmer becomes more than just her landlord, she’ll have to choose whether she wants backroads or blacktop.

Blake Prescott might be attracted to Austin, his nickname for the new teacher in town, but he knows better than to fall for a city girl. Besides, he has enough on his plate trying to keep his skeletons in the closet while surviving harvest season in the middle of a three-year drought. Prone to harmless pranks and good-natured teasing, Blake may have pushed his new tenant too far. Finding that his heart’s already fallen for the red-headed dreamer, now the cotton farmer will have to decide whether he can love this woman like he loves his old tractor.  

Short Stories

"Secret Santa"
Part of the Faith, Hope, and Love Page Christmas Collection, December 2017.
For full text PDF, click here
"The Coffee Shop"

Published in Oasis Magazine, Vol 18, 2007


For full text PDF, click here.


(In full disclosure, I wrote and published this in my early twenties. Although I cringe a little when I notice my writing weaknesses, I'm still proud that I "went for it" at that age to get this published.)

Professional Articles

"Testing the Recognition and Perception of Errors in Context."
c 2015
Published in Professional and Business Communication Quarterly, 78.1 (2015): 74-93
"In the Beginning Was Grammar: Uniting Faith and Grammar in the Classroom."
c 2015
co-written with Dr. Karen Beth Strovas
Forthcoming in Faith Integration in English Studies Ed. Sarah Adams.

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