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Jenny’s baby dies after the delivery—or so she thought. Georgia loses her mom—and then discovers she was adopted. Separated decades by deception, is there hope for these two women to find each other?

Thirty years ago, Jenny Aiken suffers an irreparable loss, which alters the trajectory of her life. She begins her senior year as a cliché cheerleader at Permian High School, in love with number eighty-six. Her bright and promising future changes course the moment she has to grapple with an unplanned pregnancy. Wrestling against conventions—and her status-conscious mother, Jenny fights for love at all costs. 

Georgia Fisher wants nothing more than to become a mom, but the journey toward fertility requires her to face the past she’s avoided. Using her resources as a reporter for the Metroplex Daily, she digs for the truth about her birth mom and finds more than a name. As she uncovers the layers of secrets and deception, she struggles with finding peace and faith in the midst of so many unknowns.  


This time-slip novel traces the 1989 story line of love and loss and the contemporary investigation into a covered-up birth and death, probing how to situate one’s identity inside and outside of what it means to be a mother.

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